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Drug Recognition & Trends – Updated – 8 hours

There is a new generation of drug user and there are new problems with old drugs. Do you know what drugs are being abused and how? What about the Nexters, an interesting and new generation drug users and addicts. Do you know what probationers look like when they are “high” vs. being on drugs for medical conditions? This solid course has been completely retooled and updated. The current course covers the use trends of stimulants, opiates, hallucinogens, cannabis and dissociative anesthetics; including the increasing use of synthetic forms of these drugs and the dangerous societal problems that come with their use. Students learn the identification and recognition of the drugs being abused today, with specific focus on emerging patterns of use, the paraphernalia for use and the physical and cognitive signs and symptoms of people who use or are under the influence of drugs. The instructor includes hands-on opportunities to learn about the drug paraphernalia and how the drugs are currently being consumed. The course will also include discussions on the reasons for drug use and the signs of drug influence; as well as how AB109 and Proposition 47 have impacted drug use and treatment.