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Human Trafficking Update, 8 hours

This course teaches participants about the dark realities of the hidden, underground world of modern-day slavery. Many Americans do not know the extent to which human trafficking is alive in this country and internationally. The numbers of American citizens and foreign nationals, many of them children, are shocking and incomprehensible. Many suffer as sex slaves and forced laborers: they supply what seems to be a relentless demand in our American cities, farms, businesses, and – most shockingly – homes. Participants learn about law enforcement investigations, resources and tools. Key characteristics, services available, and emergent systems models are taught. This course provides the latest information on victimology, current state efforts to address this issue, and resources in California and Nationwide. Learners receive the latest updates on other national and state efforts, pending legislation, and other recent interventional activity and developments made toward combatting this very disturbing problem, a problem that continues to be a very active and profitable illegal business for traffickers in nearly every community in the US.