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Excited Delirium and Sudden In-Custody Deaths: Prevention and Management Skills for Detention Staff, 8 hours

STC: 0920-067039

Over the past decade, increased attention has been paid to the sudden and seemingly inexplicable deaths of some highly agitated subjects being held in custody. In most cases, the force required to restrain or incapacitate the suspect was not sufficient to cause death. Such victims of excited delirium have provoked allegations of officer misconduct, unnecessary force, and improper TASER deployment. Medical examiners often have extreme difficulty in identifying the cause of death, but frequently drug intoxication is considered a contributing factor or is the identified cause. While the precise cause and mechanism of these deaths remain controversial, there have been demonstrated brain abnormalities that define and confirm the occurrence of the excited delirium syndrome. This course helps the officer identify the signs and symptoms of Excited Delirium and provides a more comprehensive understanding of the root causes, and most importantly, how to handle the individual who displays these behaviors.