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Emotional and Psychological Health & Survival On The Job, 8 hours

STC: 0920-061266

A career in law enforcement often creates negative mental and psychological effects for staff and their families, and commonly results in related costs to agencies through staff turnover and other personnel issues. The incidence of stress-related issues, including inappropriate coping mechanisms such as alcohol and other drug abuse, family discord and divorce, and suicide continue to increase. Staff can have a difficult time adjusting and focusing quality attention on their personal lives, outlets, and families, resulting in understandable, but unhealthy, choices. This course is designed to accomplish three goals: to ensure staff understand the unique emotional and psychological health problems that are standard in this line of work; to provide staff the ability to identify potential problems within themselves and their peers, and to seek assistance, if needed; and, to present, discuss, and practice a variety of ways staff can sustain an emotionally healthy and mentally sound “self” that benefits the long-term life of the officer and the efficiency and safety of their work life and department. Statistics, case studies, video, and experience sharing make this course very accessible to staff and relevant to their unique professional experience: this is very hands-on and not a theory course.