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Impact of Addiction on Individuals, Families, and the Community, 8 hours

STC: 0920-031570

Addiction to alcohol and/or drugs affects not only the user but those around him or her. Probation officers learn to quickly screen a probationer for alcohol/drug abuse/dependence in a non-confrontational way and determine the probable level of care needed. They become familiar with common treatment strategies used and determine the role and importance of 12-Step Programs in full recovery. Varieties and classifications of drugs are covered in detail; furthermore, the course ties personality traits associated with one type of drug addict over another. Questions like these are easily answered after this class: What are the personality traits of a heroin addict versus the methamphetamine addict? Co-existing mental disorders, often a huge hurdle for recovering addicts/alcoholics, are discussed in detail. This course is a great first exposure as well as a great refresher.