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Your Career, Your Future, 8 hours

STC: 0920-058787

Being a probation officer is the opportunity to have a real career, a career that includes both professional and personal satisfaction and growth while being in service to your community. With Evidence-based Practice and the Public Safety Realignment there is a huge need for skillful and inspiring leadership at all levels, and that need will increase as community corrections measure successful outcomes. To optimize this opportunity to grow with the growing role of probation in your county, it is key that probation officers chart their career paths! Think about what skills you want to acquire, what role you want to play in the organization, and the impact that you want to have on probationers. Leadership opportunities are available at every level if you are willing and prepared! This course helps you determine, as a group, those leadership skills that are most important and helps you identify the skills you’d like to develop within yourself, those abilities you’d like to hand select and work on to add to your toolbox. You can help identify and be part of the solution to departmental challenges. Some of the most potent changes come from the bottom up!