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Probation Ethics, Redefined, 8 hours

STC: 0920-061285

Created specifically for California probation departments during a period of dynamic culture change, this course re-examines ethics within the probation culture by examining staff behavior within the context of several key areas: ethical choices surrounding professional demeanor, ethics relative to the manager/supervisor, supervisor/line staff and staff/probationer relationship; the ethics surrounding the new realities of leadership; the ethical choices of all levels of staff surrounding department and innovation; and fiscal ethics. This course engages staff in a dialogue about professional ethics, what it means to move forward with the business of the work itself, and how specific staff behavior makes it possible for the department to carry out its mission to reduce recidivism and make a positive long-term contribution to public safety. Probation departments in California have been at critical crossroads. This course connects how individual behavior redirects and secures that course.