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Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and Motivational Interviewing (MI) In One Day, 8 hours

STC: 0920-065965

This class is used to inform the new learner about EBP and MI or act as a review for those who have had the introductory EBP/MI material before but need a refresher. The EBP portion includes the introduction, vision, and background of this community corrections strategy. This robust course includes the framework of the eight evidence-based principles for effective interventions, the place of MI in this framework and the criminogenic needs that are the focus of offender management and case planning. Particular attention is paid to the change stages that are observed as an offender progresses and the value of a cognitive-behavioral treatment modality. The dosage and need for continuing positive reinforcement is stressed. MI theory is introduced, but the majority of the time is spent actually practicing the basic skills of active listening, reflection, summary, and problem solving. Learners leave the class with simple learning aids to use on the job, so they can continue to increase their skill level.