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Critical Incident Leadership: Critical Thinking and Decision-Making for Law Enforcement, 8 hours

STC: 0920-082790

Law enforcement professionals are required to make decisions under conditions of high stress and limited information. The quality of those decisions defines the effectiveness of leaders at all level of the organization. This course examines the individual and group factors that contribute to effective decision-making under stress. This involves an in-depth conversation about the decision making process, including the characteristics of effective critical thinkers and how to avoid many of the common biases and pitfalls common to poor decisions. The course also provides an analysis of intuitive decision making, including when and how to use intuitive processes to improve the quality of decisions and officer safety. Next, the course reviews group dynamics and its effects on decision-making processes. This includes strategies for preventing “groupthink,” strategies for managing conflict, and evaluating decision effectiveness. The course concludes with an examination of the psychological and emotional effects of stress, as well as specific steps that law enforcement professionals can take to better recognize and manage stress.