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Motivating Staff, Being Objective, and Leading the Next Generation, 4 hours

STC: 0920-052426 

Strong leaders act on the belief that their own professional mission, above and beyond their Department’s Mission and Core Values, is to embrace and act on the notion of modeling, creating, and building a safe, productive, and rewarding workplace. Leaders consistently contribute in substantial ways; they see it as their professional responsibility. If mission statements and core values drive programs and behavior, true leadership is the human energy that makes that forward motion possible. Authentic leadership propels change. Leadership does not happen in a vacuum: it takes teamwork, shared vision, and true, open collaboration. Probation supervisors and managers lead well when they have objectivity about those they lead; they excel when they can motivate staff to be their best. This course is for supervisors and managers who want to strengthen the leadership skills they have and develop new skills and insights. Participants learn to communicate effectively with a variety of staff and learn ways to motivate all staff. Because all the people we manage are not the same, various communication strategies are taught and practiced. This course is a “nut-and-bolts” course: it offers insight but also skills and skill practice. It is very fast-paced and hands-on. This is an abbreviated version of the eight-hour course.