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Support Staff Intensive Professional Development Training “Core,” 40 hours

NOTE: This 40-hour course is highly customizable. Consecutive Tuesdays work well.

Administrative Core Day 1

This day focuses on grammar, mechanics, and punctuation, and preparing a thoughtful and well-written responses to job announcement submissions for your particular agency. Resume writing is also included as is resume peer review, memo templates, editing practice, email communication basics and etiquette.

Administrative Core Day 2
Test Taking Practice and Skills

Administrative staff continue their progress toward improving their skills by reviewing the content, format, structure, and sample questions of promotional exams. They also learn specific test-taking skills to be successful in scoring high. Participants gain confidence in their ability and benefit from learning strategies to take a timed test, review test-taking pitfalls, and learn how to eliminate wrong answers. Likely test content is thoroughly reviewed; books and tools for further study outside of class are discussed. Participants retain effective strategies for test taking success and learn how to accurately measure their readiness for the promotional exams. Lastly, they learn what to do the night before the test, how to dress, what to eat, and how to prepare a study schedule prior to the test date.

Administrative Core Day 3
Test Taking Practice + Organizational Skills

Participants return to practice tests and test taking skills in this training day that offers a review of Administrative Core Day 2- Test Taking Practice and Skills plus offers additional skill practice. Participants also learn skills needed to effectively manage time, information, and projects: organizational skills.

Administrative Core Day 4
Verbal Communication Skills

Participants examine their communication skills: word choice and pronunciation and annunciation as well as active listening. At the same time, participants gain exposure to techniques that support more positive interactions. This course is designed to give staff updated skills to perform professionally and efficiently in any context. This class supplies simple communication strategies that get results, quickly and consistently.

Administrative Core Day 5
Interview, Professionalism, and Speaking Skills

The day includes workplace etiquette and professionalism including professional behavior, professional attire and personal boundaries. Interview skills are also covered: preparing for interviews, how to speak and dress in interviews. This training day includes mock interviews and a review and understanding of the STAR interview model. Interview attire encouraged.