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Fulfilling the Mission- Armed or Unarmed: Revisiting the Probation Mission, 8 hours

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Many probation departments have “armed up” over recent years. Training for use of a firearm takes a lot of training hours, a fact that may produce the effect of overemphasizing its role in probation’s stated mission. Interpersonal skills and communication is still the main tool of probation work. Supporting and engaging probationers to successfully fulfill their grants is still the red meat of the work. Probation’s role is unique. POs (armed or not) may benefit from training that reacquaints them with the mission of the department, the role of engaging probationers, and with the mission of rehabilitation itself. The function of the home visit is to work with a probationer not only to check to see if someone is or is not in compliance. This course covers this key concept: probation departments must maintain their unique role. The course offers interpersonal skills training with a brief skill booster of Motivational Interviewing including the Stages of Change as identified in the Tools of the Trade. This course reminds staff that an officer’s unique role is supporting rehabilitation, being a successful change agent, and placing energy and effort on engaging probationers to successfully complete their grant. This course supports the ever-evolving balancing act of being a PO in California.