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Supervision Through Inquiry: Operational Leadership, 8 hours

New course

Many probation departments throughout the state have hired new staff and promoted current staff to the supervisor position. Supervision Through Inquiry: Operational Leadership is an operational training course that supports all supervisors by training them what questions they might be asking their line staff, so they can get a “good read” on what their staff know and – more importantly- what they don’t know. Staff almost always want to do a good job. Newer hires and line-level staff alike focus on and do the work their supervisors see as important, typically what their supervisors “measure and count.” If it’s searches, violations, etc., that’s what line staff focus on. This is logical. With the amount of new hires, transfers, and promotions, it’s important to “measure and count” activity that relates to desired probation outcomes as stated in your department’s mission and core values. This course helps supervisors become more familiar with what their individual staff do not know about their job, so they can fill in the gaps in a way that is in line with the goals and role of probation and the department.