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Thriving on the Job: Focusing on Recovery, Communication Skills, and Workplace Expectations, 8 hours

This course allows concurrent client employees to work on issues affecting them at work in a safe environment. Information about workplace expectations, rules, and culture including dress, hygiene, tardiness, work ethic, and pace, etc. are all addressed. Participants learn communication strategies that deal effectively with asking coworkers for help or clarification, and conflict resolution skills are learned and practiced. In addition, participants learn communication strategies that help them maintain mentor relationships with both concurrent client employees, and others on the job. The benefits of a buddy system are reviewed and communication skills relative to enhancing that important workplace relationship are highlighted and practiced. Emphasis on focusing on recovery is also covered. Participants create Action Plans to transfer their learning and goals to the workplace including partnering and networking with each other in this class and outside of this class to help reinforce learning.