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Determinate Sentencing Law- Basic, 16 hours

STC: 0920-042341

Determinate Sentencing Law – Basic, (16 hours) covers vital material probation officers need in the determination of eligibility, suitability and the calculation of maximum prison or jail exposure of adult offenders. Factors in aggravation and mitigation, enhancements, basic sentencing, consecutive sentencing, priors, aggregate terms, three strikes, sex crimes and impact of Realignment on DSL are all covered. Participants receive detailed instruction and clear, specific information on each.  Afterwards, they hone their skills by analyzing probation eligibility and calculating maximum exposure in a number of real-world case scenarios. Through 2016, a frequently updated resource, The Felony Sentencing Script is offered digitally for free from Jack Ryan, our instructor. This resource is robust, accurate, and a treasure to have available.