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Officer Wellness for Effective Interactions, 8 hours

New course

Using case studies, video, and practical, hands-on exercises, this course trains officers on the application of techniques that provide tools to promote healthy choices in everyday interactions based on accurately identifying, understanding, and managing personal emotions and the perceived emotions of others. Without the skills that help officers regulate their emotions, staff may engage in ineffective interactions that create miscommunication, a lack of productivity, a feeling of resentment and bias against coworkers, dysfunctional work systems/teams, overly stressful work environments, and not enough emphasis on the actual work itself. In addition to successfully managing the rigors of all the job demands, competent officers must possess exceptional interpersonal skills. This course promotes enriched work environments in office, facilities, or field settings by integrating the Psychological Job Dimensions of officers, supervisors, and managers with the practical concepts of Emotional Intelligence. This course is easily customized to address your department’s unique needs.