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Opiate Epidemic, 4 Hours

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Heroin deaths and opiate addiction are in the headlines again. Again, heroin and opiates are creating chaos and family tragedies in all demographics. Some demographics are new and surprising. This course is an in-depth look at the source, cultivation, distribution and sales of heroin and the other opiates, including prescription drugs. Opiate Epidemic includes the history of heroin and the opiates and the their latest trends. Also included is an exploration of the reasons behind use, and how addicts ingest the drugs. How the drugs affect the body and why their use is so widespread and addictive is explored and discussed. Comprehensive information is included on the appearance, packaging, use paraphernalia, and signs of influence for all of the current forms of heroin and opiates. Practical, clear, and useful information, this course is extremely current and needed.