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Counseling the Dual-Diagnosis Client, 8 hours

Many times the client with a mental disorder diagnosis also uses/abuses psychoactive drugs—drugs that get a person “high.” Both legal and illegal psychoactive drugs interfere with the psychotropic medications prescribed for a mental disorder, and the counseling process. When abuse becomes dependence the client has two free-standing challenges. Each of these challenges needs to be treated as a separate disorder, with the goal of eventual abstinence from psychoactive drug use. The challenge for the counselor is to keep the client engaged in the treatment process while she/he self-discovers the chemical abuse/dependence and its impact on their ability to function. Continued strong confrontation and lecturing only reinforce the client’s denial system. This class gives counselors the tools to positively confront a client and help her/him come to understand the impact on successfully managing dual mental disorders. Participants become familiar with current treatment methods used in working with dual diagnosis clients, practice skills.