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Sergeants: Putting “Writing it Right” into Practice, 8 hour

STC: 0920-015798

This course provides sergeants skills to assess writing in a consistent, uniform way.  Sergeants: Putting “Writing it Right” into Practice teaches sergeants to communicate effectively with line staff to improve consistency and quality in report writing. Sergeants are given Incident and/or Crime Report samples and practice assessing writing using checklists designed to clearly set the standard for specific reports. Sergeants learn how to mentor staff in prewriting and organizational strategies; they also learn how to teach staff to prioritize information to produce logical writing. Further, sergeants gain an understanding of the “personal” nature of writing and receive coaching and practice in giving effective, constructive feedback about writing deficits and concrete, measurable suggestions for improvement. Sergeants receive checklists for line staff job assignments and learn the value in “drawing the line in the sand.”